Bone Diagnostic LLC

Specializing in Research pQCT




                             Dan Schiferl (Owner)

                             115 Lantana Crest

                             Spring Branch, TX 78070

                             (414) 217-8456


Parts & Services

• Windows 10 and XCT is up and running call for details!

• Comprehensive training on all aspects of pQCT

• On-site Repair Services

• Limb and Animal Holders

    • Forearm platform
    • Knee support
    • Knee / Femur platform
    • If it doesn’t exist I’ll create one just for your study

• Cortical Bone Phantom
    • You need this if you're doing a cross calibration between scanners in your study.

• Specialty Software Programs
    • CTCopy (Separates your study scans from the XCT database helpfull when using Bone J)
    • CTFilt (External imaging filter program helpful when using Bone J)
    • Hipatize (Cleans up your patient info to be HIPPA compliant (Beta))

• Technical Manuals for all things pQCT (Email your request)

• Study Protocol Procedures (Specific to your study)

• Networking

    • I have Clients and contacts around the world. Let me know your needs and maybe I know someone.

• Service contracts that include all of the above + 24/7 phone and email support

Scanning Systems Available

(Call or write with your needs as my inventory changes)


• Research SA+

• Research M or SA
    • Slice width can be modified for your application

• Sabre
    • Small DEXA system for rats and mice

• XCT3000
    • Currently available for lease on short term human studies

• Request a System
    • Occasionally systems become available from my clients. I will do my best to get the systems a new home.

Helpful links

• Stratec
• ImageJ
• BoneJ
• System Resources
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